Meet Mollie


PT Mollie, ‘The Happiness Personal Trainer,’ works as a personal trainer and wellness coach in the London-area, as well as offering virtual services all over the world.  She works primarily with women to find the right balance between movement, nourishment, and work-life balance.
She strongly believes that people need to find activities they enjoy to create life-long habit change.   Her social enterprise (funded by UnLtd) works to create a supportive community for people to prevent/battle obesity and diabetes.  The Zero Calorie Advent Calendar is one way Mollie brings fun and fitness together.
Mollie’s articles have been featured in PT Magazine, Alpha Fit, Cosmopolitan UK, Women’s Fitness,  Get the Gloss, So Feminine, and Health Your Way Online.  She was selected to be included in Covet Girl guide to London’t top female entrepreneurs and was involved in the What I See Project.   Currently, Mollie is studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a member of Rod’s Racing.
Visit Mollie’s blog at

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