Meet Christine


Christine is a 31 year old former model from London. She is equally passionate about running and fashion and writes enthusiastically about both on her blog.

She hasn’t always enjoyed sport, at school she hated PE lessons (preferring to sit on the sidelines with a copy of Just 17) and as a model only ran when late for a casting. She discovered running after starting her Proper Grown-Up Job about three years ago, and decided that she needed to do something physical to beat stress and counteract the hours spent hunched over a desk.

Christine started Diary as a way to share her marathon training experiences with like minded people (instead of boring her friends and family with her latest split times or horrifying them with tales of missing toenails), but she still has an unhealthy interest in fashion, beauty products and all things fabulous. As well as following her training progress, you can read about the most fashionable waterproof running jackets and the best beauty products for runners. You can also find out what to do if you do sacrifice your toenails to marathon training and be able to hold your head (and feet) up in yoga class afterwards.

Christine loves to meet other runners and gym bunnies and to try new fitness trends and health products. She is really excited to have worked with Mollie and Becca on the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar for two years in a row and to have the chance to introduce her favourite fitness professionals, products and services with the rest of the world.


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