Fitness; Why Is Physical Fitness Important?

A person is said to be physically fit is he or she can engage in consistent workouts because the body is flexible, the cardiovascular system can endure the exercise and the muscles are strong. Additionally, physical fitness can be said to be the ability to perform strenuous activities and maintain a healthy fat to muscle ratio. Being physically fit offers many health benefits and everyone should strive to achieve this.

Benefits of being physically fit

a) Weight control
Even though being proud of how you look is preached religiously, an obese body is a constant reminder of the health risks such a weight poses. Working towards getting fit helps burn calories and lose the extra weight. 150 minutes of exercise in a week are enough to achieve significant changes in weight. This is just 2 hours 30 minutes in 7 days. It is manageable!

b) Improved mood
Exercising releases endorphins which are feel-good hormones hence keeping you in a jubilant mood all through the day. Walking around grumpy all day long is not only bad for you but also for the people you interact with. A few workout minutes can change this.

c) Strong muscles and bones
Aerobics tone the body and strengthen muscles. 20-30minutes of strength-training exercises should be included in your weekly exercises. Yoga, resistance bands, and weightlifting are some of the common strength-training exercises. Being fit slows down the loss of bone density which in turn keeps your muscles strong.

d) Increased life span
People who spend several hours a day working out outlive those who never bother in many cases. Exercise lowers the risk of suffering from chronic illnesses which are the leading cause of death in the world. Also, falls will be reduced for the aged who are fit physically.

There is no doubt that physical fitness will benefit not only your appearance but the quality of life. If you are yet to start exercising, it is time to get moving!