3rd December - nuun

nuun are firm favourites with the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar HQ crew and we know you’ll love them too

nuun photo 2


is a lightly flavoured drink tab that delivers essential electrolytes*, who have big ambitions to rid the world of rubbish sugary sports drinks! if you’re being active it’s important to replace the salts that you’re losing when you sweat. nuun is super tasty, easy to use and helps you keep properly hydrated. better still, by adding it to your reusable drink bottle, it lets you have a convenient way to drink without the waste footprint from the millions of single serve plastic bottles that hit landfill every day

* for the technical people out there, electrolytes are electrically-charged alkaline minerals that help nerve and muscle functions. they regulate, among other things: muscle contraction, heart rate, balance of body fluid, and pH levels

nuun photo 1


What’s your favourite flavour?


Connect with nuun:

website: http://www.nuun.co.uk

twitter: @nuun

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nuunhydration

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