13th December 2014

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Today and offer on the ultimate Yoga Mat from Liforme

generic flyer final-01The ‘truly revolutionary’ Liforme Yoga Mat’ took more than 5 years to create.  Such was the level of intensive development employed by Liforme once they set to their task of ‘creating the best yoga mat in the world’.  A growing army of renowned yoga teachers in the UK and the US (and elsewhere!) are now using the Liforme Yoga Mat and hailing it as the best they have ever used, with features that can make a real difference to everyone’s yoga practice, from absolute beginners to super-advanced. 

This high-tech mat comes with the grippiest surface material ever used for a yoga mat (which remains grippy even when sweaty-wet!), it features the unique ‘AlignForMe’ set of intelligent markers on the surface which help keep the user in good form during their postures (improving efficiency of yoga practice and reducing injury), and comes with a range of other benefits too (more detail at liforme.com).   On top of all of that, Liforme went to great lengths to ensure that all of this ‘function’ does not come at the cost of the environment (or the health of the user).  No harmful substances used, and this is one of the greenest mats on the market too. Hooray!

The mat has now been sold to more than 45 countries worldwide and 46 of the US states.

This very special offer for the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar gives you the chance to get a nice little discount on this fantastic piece of truly useful yoga equipment.  It also makes a fantastic Christmas gift, for the already dedicated Yogi or for anyone aspiring to be so!

Liforme are offering £15 off each purchase of the revolutionary Liforme Yoga Mat. Simply go to www.liforme.com and enter discount code “ZeroCalorieAdvent” at the checkout. Offer Valid until 31 Jan 2022

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Continuing our yoga theme Pure Yoga Zone offers us a yoga sequence to work on balance today, which is very important to work on during the holidays (and what ZCAC is all about).  Find your center and then tell Jen how you feel afterward on Twitter (@pureyogazone).

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We’ve got a treat for any chocoholics out there - Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Bark! This particular recipe is made with diabetic chocolate and is something that Christine’s family often make as a festive treat for her uncle so that he isn’t left out during the festive sweet-scoffing. Click here for the recipe

ZCAC Chocolate Bark

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