5th December 2014

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JB2Challenge XXX, Julia Buckley’s 30-day fitness challenge is set to kick off early January 2015. With a different fat-burning body-sculpting workout every day (except rest days), this programme is exclusive to members of the extremeinferno.com website. At just £10 per week membership represents amazing value compared to personal training or gym classes. Members get access to real-time workout videos, plus personal coaching from Julia and her fitness ACE support crew and the amazing camaraderie among the Team Inferno private community.

Visit Julia’s website for more details, success stories and to read what Julia’s past and present clients have to say about her online fitness coaching. http://juliabuckley.co.uk/online-personal-training/

Exclusive to Zero Calorie Advent Calendar, Julia is offering the lucky winner of today’s competition the chance to take part in Challenge XXX completely free of charge. You’ll get 30 days free membership of extremeinferno.com from the first day of Challenge XXX and full access to the programme and Julia’s online coaching.

For your chance to win, just answer this simple question:

How many days does Challenge XXX last? Send your answer along with your name and contact details to JB1zerocalorieadventcalendar@gmail.com

The competition will run for 7 days and the winner will be chosen on 13th December




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Want a taster of what working out online with Julia is like? Look no further…


If you can type when you finish the workout, tweet Julia and let know if it was hard enough.

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We’ve got a spicy little treat for you today, another quick and easy recipe from Christine - Spicy Strawberry Salad which you can either enjoy on it’s own or as the base for an Eton Less.

ZCAC Spicy Strawberry Eton Less

Don’t forget to let her know if you try it by tweeting @dashinista 

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