22nd December

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Hypnogogo is an audio workout to use when you’re running that helps you work out your mind as well as your body and achieve a goal over and above the run itself.

This offer, exclusive to Zero Calorie Advent Calendar, is for you if you’re serious about getting slim and want to lose weight healthily.

Now we all know that snacks are foods that are not helpful when you’re trying to get slim, don’t we? Because snacks are foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar. Often when we ‘attack the snacks’ and eat only at mealtimes it’s easy to get slim without even trying.

This workout features some high intensity intervals as well as powerful positive thoughts and suggestions.

Best of all Hypnogogo: lose weight attack the snacks is huge fun to use when you’re running. The music is motivating and uplifting and the words are inspiring and enjoyable. You’ll finish this workout feeling fantastic and full of confidence that you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Half price Hypnogogo : Attack the Snacks, visit www.hypnogogo.co.uk to download and use discount code ‘ZeroCalorie’ to claim your discount by 31st January 2014. 

Sweat It Banner

Nicolette from Self Love Yoga is bringing us a fantastic workout to open up hips.

Self Love was born with the mission to help people nurture themselves through the practice of yoga and Pilates creating a more balanced lifestyle. As such Nicolette continues to de-stress and physically support corporate executives, performing artists/dancers, athletes, those recovering from illness or injury and the general public.

Moving forwards, Self Love will be exploring the benefits of yoga for women together with pursuing her career on television where she will share her expertise with the world.

Tweet Nicolette and let her know how your hips feel after her workout.

Eat It Banner

Laura Tilt  (@NutriTilty), Resident Nutritionist at Fitbug (@FitbugActive), has provided us with a delicious leek, feta and pea frittata recipe.  Perfect for a slow-moving breakfast meal for the masses.   Pair it with lemon muffins and breakfast is done.









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