16th December

We’re kicking off the third week of Advent with another day of spectacular fit treats for you - we know that this is the busiest time of the month (or year!) for many of you, and that fitness is often way down your list of priorities but don’t let it slide - instead let us help keep you on track!

Gift It Banner

Gym Junk® is an exciting global lifestyle brand, designed in England, inspired by all, worn everywhere. They are offering a fantastic 30% discount to make sure that you start the new year in style!

Designed in England.

That’s right - designed in England. We wanted to create a clothing brand, influenced by our passion for an active life style, that would blur the boundaries between gym and life wear, at the same time helping those in need.

Inspired by all.

From Jessica Ennis to the guy that works 50 hours a week and still finds time to hit the gym.

From the streets of  Bristol to the heights of Everest, we have been inspired by all walks and conditions of life.

That’s exactly why we have produced clothing that brings an element of fun, with style that can inspire you to push yourself beyond your limits during a workout.

Not limited to just being worn while breaking a sweat, these clothes are a great statement for a positive lifestyle and can be Worn everywhere!

Giving back - Making a difference is ingrained in our philosophy. That’s why 30p of every transaction goes to the customers chosen charity*.

*For more information please visit http://www.gymjunk.co.uk/About/givingback

30% off enter “ZeroCal1314″ at CheckOut on www.gymjunk.co.uk . Expires Midnight 15th Jan 2014. One use per account. Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion or sale items.

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Holly is a PT who owns ”EYS fitness” which stands for earn your shower! She works as a Personal Trainer out of a gym called Insentif on the Wirral, and also trains people at their homes.
This countdown circuit is one of Holly’s favourite ways to train - depending on how long you have, choose a certain amount of exercises that you find challenging and count them down! 10-1, 15-1, 20-2 whichever works best for you in the time frame you have available, and next time you do the workout beat you time!!
Let Holly know how you get on by tweeting her @eysfitness
Don’t forget to #EarnYourShower

Eat It Banner

Today’s recipe comes from the Cake Doctor.

Who is the Cake Doctor? Not a real doctor, but someone who likes nothing more than trying to solve her friends’ complaints with cake. Feeling run down? A bit sad or anxious? Or just looking for something to spice up your life? Request a prescription, and she’ll see what she can do. There’s a cake for every ache!

Today’s prescription is for Flourless Chocolate Brownies

Click here for the recipe! 

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