9th December

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Today’s offer comes from the wonderful Good Vibes Studios home of Glow Yoga, Powerplates and Spincyle and hosts of our recent evening of festive yoga.

Specialist fitness studios Good Vibes was created by Founder Nahid de Belgeonne to provide busy, time-poor Londoners an environment that helps you feel good as well as look good. Our team of friendly fitness experts offer a combination of effective classes that help to de-stress, strengthen and condition the body and the mind.

Good Vibes are offering one free class to any new client. The offer is valid for one month and expires on 9th Jan. To book your class please contact reception@goodvibesfitnes.co.uk or call 020 7240 6111 quoting Zero Calorie Advent Calendar

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Today’s workout is brought to you by Gen Levrant aka Faster PT, an Advanced Personal Trainer and functional training specialist. She is based in Southampton at her own private training studio. Gen specialises in results-based training for fat-loss and pain relief. Gen was one of the first PTs to support the calendar last year and we’re absolutely delighted to feature her again.

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Today’s recipe comes from Jesica Salyer who writes Run On Organic

If you’re looking for some gluten, diary and sugar free but protein rich muffins - these are for you. Get the recipe here

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