7th December

Day 7 already - the month is flying by. Party season is in full swing and today’s offer might be perfect for you if you’re starting to feel the effects!

Try It Collage

Today’s offer comes to you from Rejuvenated  - the company behind one of Dash’s favourite beauty products - Collagen Shots.

“At Rejuvenated we have a different approach to looking and feeling great, we are the market leaders in beauty from within, looking at anti-ageing and well being with a three dimensional approach.”

Rejuvenated are offering two fantastic special deals for you :

Be Skinny Drink Me - Buy one get one half price when you use discount code LBD at the checkout on http://www.rejuvenated.co.uk

Or a free Collagen Mask with each purchase of Collagen Shots when you use code MASK at checkout

You can also order by calling 0844 5555 880



Sweat It Banner

Today’s workout comes to you from our very own PT Mollie!  ZCAC co-founder, personal trainer, health coach, & European Regional Director for Rod’s Racing,  Mollie Millington, takes you through a tabata home workout today.  She works primarily with women on achieving SMART goals while finding balance between food, fitness, and fun with the ultimate goal of happiness.  Her Virtual Training Group is a 8 week program which provides accountability over email.  Next session starts in January!

Eat It Banner

We absolutely love the look of this sugar free frozen blueberry and almond butter fudge from Laura at Happy Sugar Habits. Laura is training as a certified health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and kindly coaches others away from sugar with her 28-day sugar detox programme Mentor Me Off Sugar. Her next programme starts on 6th January so if you want to kick the habit then get signed up now!


Click here for the recipe 

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