3rd December

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Our first offer today comes from nuun - the lightly flavoured drink tab that delivers essential electrolytes*, who have big ambitions to rid the world of rubbish sugary sports drinks!  If you’re being active it’s important to replace the salts that you’re losing when you sweat.  nuun is super tasty, easy to use and helps you keep properly hydrated.  Better still, by adding it to your reusable drink bottle, it lets you have a convenient way to drink without the waste footprint from the millions of single serve plastic bottles that hit landfill every day.

You can get 40% off nuun for two weeks only.  Visit their online shop (nuun.co.uk), go through checkout and enter the discount code ‘zerocal’.  The offer is valid until 17th December 2013.

You can read PT Mollie’s review of nuun tablets here.

* For the technical people out there, electrolytes are electrically-charged alkaline minerals that help nerve and muscle functions. they regulate, among other things: muscle contraction, heart rate, balance of body fluid, and pH levels

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Helen Yoga has a fantastic yoga workout for you today. As well as being a fabulous yoga teacher, Helen works as a full-time English teacher in South East London. She has a passion for working with teachers and teens and currently runs teen yoga classes through City to Schools , a project created by not-for-profit organisation ‘Yoga4You

Helen’s classes are down-to-earth, challenging and supportive, combining a mixture of Vinyasa sequences with more restorative poses to tone the body and rejuvenate the mind. Let her know what you think of today’s workout by tweeting her @HelenYogaLondon

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We’ve got a delicious, warming Christmas Soup recipe for you today courtesy of foodie blogger Knead Wine. A yummy combination of chestnuts, sprouts and cranberries - this is a perfect way to enjoy the flavours of Christmas without the astronomical saturated fat content!

Knead wine Christmas soup

Click here for recipe! 

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