4th December - Elle Linton

We’re honoured that the lovely Elle Linton contributed her very first workout video to the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar


“I started my blog in the summer of 2012. The intention was just to have an outlet where I could communicate with friends, family and clients. Since then, I’ve realised how far reaching a blog can be it it has become a way to motivate, inspire and empower those who share my passion right across the world.

I’m a Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor based in London. I share workouts, recipes, sport’n style and event news and more over on keep it simpElle. I also love to share the stories of people I meet day to day that are true inspirations.

This is my first workout video EVER and I’m honoured to be creating it for the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar. I have big things planned for 2014 and this is one small step towards achieving those goals.”


Connect with Elle: 

Website: www.keepitsimpElle.com

Twitter: @X_eLle_S

Facebook: www.facebook.com/simpelle

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