1st December - Melissa Belly Dance

Hiding behind Door #1 on 1st December 2013 with a fabulous featured business offer, we are delighted to welcome back Melissa Belly Dance to the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar for the second year running. We are all huge fans of Melissa, check out Christine’s blog post about her classes here

Melissa Belly Dance

Melissa Belly Dance offers belly dance and fusion courses, online classes, DVD’S, and also supplies dancers from her dance company the Mahira Girls for shows and events.

Melissa is the creator of the exclusive ‘Belly Dance Hiphop’, Tahitian/Polynesian Belly Dance Fusion, BellyYoga, ‘Brazilian Belly Dance Samba’, and the all NEW Belly Dance Insanity Bootcamp classes in London.

Before becoming a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer Melissa worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness expert.

Melissa has been teaching dance at the most reputable and sought after studios in and around London and instructs her classes with a wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication to students learning and enjoyment. Another thing students love about Melissa is she is always still learning and growing endeavouring to always be a better dancer and passes this on to her students so they feel confident there will ALWAYS be more to learn and they can continue to grow with melissa as dancers.

She wrote and choreographed “Belly Dance Fusions” theatre show that was recently performed in London’s very own Unicorn Theatre which claimed fantastic reviews.

Melissa’s credits include : The 5 O’clock Show with Lenny Henry, Sadie Frost, BBC2′s Strictly Come Dancing It Takes 2, BBC3’s Don’t Tell the Bride, MOVIDA, She been a featured performer at the Asian Music Awards, Zee Cine awards & Nike. She has also featured in a Hip-hop fitness DVD, ‘Hip Hop Body’ and recently released 2 DVD’s of her own!

Melissa has 2 DVD’S out now: Belly Dance Essentials and Belly Dance Hip-hop Fusion

As a professional belly dancer Melissa has made her mark captivating and inspiring the world.

As a teacher she is well known for her approach and teaching methods with a reputation of making you sweat!

Melissa’s unique style, radiant performances and dynamic choreography have earned her a positive reputation and an ever growing following. She is well known for her energy, charisma and passion for what she does best!

Connect with Melissa Belly Dance

Website: www.melissabellydance.com 

YouTube: www.youtube.com/melissabellydance

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/melissa.bellydance

Twitter: www.twitter.com/melisbellydance

Instagram: melissabellydance

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