7th December - PT Mollie

PT Mollie is the ‘The Happiness Personal Trainer.’  Shes guide people to find happiness by:

•Encouraging personal growth beyond comfort zone
•Setting achievable goals to make large and measurable impacts on health and happiness
•Identifying exercise options to find a perfect fit
•Consuming nourishing food to fuel body for living life
Mollie delivers in-person training to people in the greater London area.  She primarily works with women over 30 who want to start leading a happier life by balancing relationships, food, work, and career.  Her health coaching skills, along with fitness knowledge, will create a personalized 6 month program just to fit your needs.
In January, Mollie will be offering another session of her successful ‘Back on Track’ Virtual Training Group (VTG).  It is an 8 week program that gives you accountability with flexible scheduling.  After setting SMART goals with your cohorts, you cheer each other on each week. Only £10, it is an easy way to start the new year on the right track.

Connect with Mollie with social media:

Twitter: @PTMollie

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