It’s August already, Christmas may seem a long way off but in reality it’s not that far away. This is around the time when we’d start making plans for the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar for this year.

Much has changed for all of us in the last three years that we’ve been producing the calendar. Back in 2012 Becca was on a career break having been made redundant from her job of 14 years. Christine was living at home in London and spending many weekends visiting her boyfriend in the South West. Mollie had just moved to London and was establishing herself as a PT and fitness blogger.

Fast forward 3 years and things look a lot different. Becca has just had a promotion and has just started a 15 month training course for Major Project Leaders. Mollie has just bought her own home and is still unpacking while managing to grow her PT business alongside a busy full time job. Christine is newly married and is in the middle of legal exams.
A few weeks ago we got together to think about the calendar and having updated each other on what was going on in our lives we realised that none of us have the time to commit to it anymore.

We are immensely proud of what we’ve achieved in the last three years, the money we raised for charity and the community we’ve built. We had a lot of fun and loved doing it but we are all agreed that if we can’t do it well we don’t want to do it at all.

So this message is to let you know that with a tinge of sadness, Santa’s elves are hanging up their hats and moving on. The ZCAC will not open its doors this year.

We want to say a huge thank you to all the PTs, businesses, recipe contributors, goody donators, to the studios that opened their doors to us and everyone who got involved. You all helped us to make the calendar the success it was and something that we’ll always look back on with pride.

You can keep up with what we’re all up to over on our blogs.
And just because there’s no calendar it doesn’t mean that we can’t get together for prosecco and mince pies in December.
After a run or a class obviously.
We’ve always been about the balance.
Becca, Christine, Mollie10565285_367239170110198_5049723343894456249_n

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