23rd December - Julia Buckley


Julia Buckley is a fitness journalist, blogger and personal trainer. With over a decade’s journalistic experience, she has written for Runner’s World, Sport, Bodyfit, Trail Running, Fitness for Women and Running Free magazines. Julia has a large online following: find her on social media via her website www.juliabuckley.co.uk.

We’re really excited that she’s given us a copy of her brand new book to giveaway - the winner will be among the first people to get their hands on it.

Julia will show you the healthy way to condition your body for optimum fat burning – even when you’re not exercising.

  • Adaptable to the needs of everyone, from absolute beginners wanting advice on how to get started through to experienced fitness aficionados
  • Effective exercise programmes can be tailored to suit your lifestyle
  • No gym membership is needed – the workouts use just a few key pieces of equipment, so can be performed at home
  • Julia
    Each session lasts around 45 minutes. These intense, varied sessions are tough, but never boring!
  • Easy to follow nutritional advice as well as solutions to common barriers to exercise and fat loss, and tips on maintaining a lean healthy body in the long term.

Are you ready to transform your body? Join the fat burn revolution today!

Watch Julia talk about the book here

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