16th December - EYS Fitness

I am Holly I am 26 and I qualified as a personal trainer last July, I have my own business “EYS fitness” which stands for earn your shower! I work as a Personal Trainer out of a gym called Insentif on the Wirral, and I also train people at their homes! I love all things fitness related, I am never off twitter (@eysfitness) but my favourite social media is Instagram (@fittspired). I love seeing motivational pictures, quotes, workout videos! I am so happy doing a career that I love especially at a time when “fit is the new it”! Everywhere you look there is something about working out or training, which is great because it’s a time when everyone wants to get in shape and is realising that there are different ways to train! Personally I love weight training and doing circuits - both body weight and with resistance! It’s a great feeling to get stronger and fitter; and an even better feeling to have clients who’s lives you change by getting them stronger, fitter and ultimately more confident! Exercise doesn’t have to be boring; find something that you enjoy! This countdown circuit is one of my favourite ways to train - depending on how long you have, choose a certain amount of exercises that you find challenging and count them down! 10-1, 15-1, 20-2 whichever works best for you in the time frame you have available, and next time you do the workout beat you time!!

Let me know how you get on :)

Merry Fitmas :) Holly xx

Don’t forget to #EarnYourShower

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