12th December - Body Edit

BODY EDIT is a new and effective approach to fitness, our workout routines are geared towards sculpting and realigning your entire body. Using your own body-weight as resistance, we isolate the muscle groups working them to their full potential with small, strategic isometric movements. Our safe and effective workouts are high-energy yet low intensity using careful controlled exercises that focus on proper body alignment and joint stabilisation. The interval training format creates lean muscle and builds cardio endurance; fat burning is increased as your metabolism is boosted for hours after your workout.

Reshape your body; Create long, lean, toned muscles that are defined and proportionate. Develop a healthy, strong, balanced posture and a taught, sculpted body shape without the bulk!

- Proportionate/ Balanced body

- Tight/ Strong core

- Rounder/ Lifted seat

- Long/ Lean/ Defined muscles

- Strength/ Flexibilty

- Correct postural alignment

- Increased metabolism

- Increased bone density

- Cardio endurance

- Increased energy/ Well-being

BODY EDIT is an incredibly versatile method and is hugely beneficial for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes! We tailor the moves to suit your current fitness level, whilst working you to your full potential!

We currently offer bespoke services for Private Clients, Corporate Clients and Medical Referral Clients. Group classes will be launching in London in January 2014 - Please keep checking at http://www.bodyedit.com and on our twitter and Facebook feeds for more info coming soon!

Lastly, we will be recruiting teachers in the New Year, if you have dance background or hold relevant industry fitness qualifications, and most importantly want to be a part of an new, exciting, healthy, motivated brand with BIG aspirations - we’d love to hear from you!

Connect with BODYEDIT

twitter: @bodyedit

facebook: bodyeditmethod

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