10th December - Paul Mumford

Paul Mumford is the founder and director of Mumford Phys. Ed.; fitness coach; barefoot running specialist; journalist for FitPro and UltraFit magazines; presenter, broadcaster, and educator.

Paul discovered the benefits of a healthy lifestyle a little later than most. The tubby kid at school, who hated sport and would do anything to avoid cross country runs went on to become a smoking, drinking junk eater. Not a great specimen.

Nine years ago he went back to college and earned qualifications in personal training, diet, nutrition and lifestyle. Then he walked out of a sucessful career as a breakfast radio presenter and took the plunge. Now Paul is the healthiest he’s ever been and loves a cross country run, especially if it’s barefoot. He’s also become an ambassador for barefoot running and is a certified trainer for Vivobarefoot.

Paul’s company, Mumford Phys. Ed. now looks after over 40 clients in the Essex area and Paul also writes regular column and articles for fitness magazines including UltraFit and FitPro. He is also a presenter at conferences and seminars around the UK for both the public and his fellow health professionals

Check him out on You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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